Spring Trend Chasing

I am not one of those women who prefers the fall and winter because of all the fun layering options. I am not a fan of wool and tights and coats and gloves. I am strictly a spring and summer lover, and I've been keeping my eye out for good deals on these three spring trends:
spring trends Cusp pants | Lilly Pulitzer blazer | Anthropologie skirt
Leather can be tricky to wear in warm weather, but with a teeny bit of creativity, it can be done. Make sure the pieces are light (light in color and/or lightweight) and if all possible, lined. Trust me. No one likes to have leather stuck to sweaty skin! The most comfortable leather clothing items feature panels of leather (like the pants above) or little leather details mixed with knit, like a leather collar or a pocket:

I am over the moon for all the unexpected floral prints I've been seeing. Wallflowers these are not. This season is all about the bold florals. To keep it from looking too Hawaiian-touristy, though, make sure the print is sophisticated and multi-colored. Big prints work on partial outfit pieces (like on a blazer or a pair of shorts). Smaller prints work well on every day items like shoes.
florals blazer | bag | toms | shorts | skirt | dress
Emerald green was declared the color of the year by Pantone, but you wouldn't know it by all the minty green that has inundated the shops. Emerald may be the critics choice, but mint wins the popular vote, for sure. I like mint because it looks lovely on most everyone. I love it in small doses paired with crisp white and gold.
minty2earrings | watch | necklace | skirt | blouse | sandals | bag | glassesWhat about you?