Recap: New Wave Ball 2013

That was, like, totally radical! Last Friday night, Chris and I, along with a few friends, went to the  New Wave Ball, which is an annual 80's themed dance party that benefits The Austin Children's Shelter. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I lept at the opportunity to dress as Claudia Kishi from The Babysitter's Club and Chris was Elliott from ET. We didn't know what we were going to be that morning, and we still didn't have our costumes thought out until the afternoon of the party, so here's what we threw together:
newwaveballClaudia staples included a snake bracelet, high tops with non-standard laces, an oversized men's shirt, a few random hair braids, and sequined harem pants. I also wore my TIKKR watch and my lion necklace from Manic Trout. I made earrings that sported a hamburger and box of fries, and I used iron-on paper to turn a plain white bag into "Claudia's Kid Kit". For the most part, I just looked like a random 80's person, but my night was made when someone (lower right photo) came up and asked, "Are you supposed to be Claudia from The Babysitter's Club because you look exactly how I pictured her in my mind." She didn't even see my Kid Kit or paperback! DREAM COME TRUE.

Chris simply donned a red hoodie and jeans. I rigged two belts, a milk crate, and a vacuum cleaner tube to hold my friend's kid's ET doll, wrapped in a sheet. ET and Elliott were the hit of the party. I think Chris felt a little like a Disney prince because all night people were taking their photos with him. I think Chris could have won the male individual costume contest, but alas, we had to get home to relieve the sitter. Here were some of my other favorite costumes:

Rainbow Brite + Sprite // Seymour + Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors // Charlie from Top Gun // Toni Basil // Robocop // Revenge of the Nerds
What about you? What would you wear to an 80's party? Would you be one of the other Babysitters Club Members with me? 
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