Let's get real...

Oh, gosh. Let me clear something up. Today I was in Real Magazine's SXSW issue. It was an honor to be interviewed, and I don't take my reputation as being known as an Austin insider lightly. I love this city and I love SXSW. However, I need to take this opportunity to fix my printed quote.
realquoteGah! I wasn't misquoted insomuch as this was a teeny, tiny segment of what Chad and I talked about. To have this one quote of mine stand on its own makes my point of view seem antiquated and it paints women (especially business women and women in tech) in a completely wrong light. The sentiment, on its own, came out wrong, and anyone who knows me personally or professionally knows that I would never say anything like this.

As someone who has had the distinct privilege of being a speaker at SXSW the last two years and as someone who looks up to countless women who are smart and at the top of their fields in both business and technology innovations, I am horrified that my quote insinuates that women are not qualified to give speeches at SXSW... and that they'd rather be shopping. My friend Kelsey tweeted me the above image, and after reading my quote, I literally slapped my forehead and said "Doh!"

I want it to be known that I know that SXSW works hard to make sure the interactive portion is diverse. I know this more perhaps more than the average person (Hello! Multi-cultural female / former SXSW speaker here!). Yes, the crowd is heavy in the white dude territory, but never in a million years would I think "I'd rather be shopping" instead of attending what is, perhaps, the best conference in all of America.

What my quote should say is thus:

"The 2nd Street District is an oasis of awesome during SXSW. Everyone knows about shopping and dining on South Congress, but 2nd Street has amazing restaurants and shops within walking distance of the convention center as well. If a woman needs a break from all the SXSW madness or happens to be without a coveted SXSW badge and is simply accompanying a tech dude to Austin, she should take some time to check out the SXSW sales and promotions at Langford Market, Etcetera Etc, and Plain Ivey Jane."

People of SXSW, please accept my humble apology for my published quote and know that I applaud all of your efforts to be at the top of your fields, no matter what private parts or marital status you happen to have or not have.

In related news, I think I need an interview coach. Remember my misquote in the Wall Street Journal?

My published guide to Austin appears in the April issue of Ladies Home Journal. I haven't seen it, yet, but let's all hope I didn't say something stupid for that.

First one to send me a screenshot of my interview wins.

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