And one time my friends staged an intervention...

Nothing on Adored Austin is really "TMI" anymore since the posting of my birth stories, which is why I'd like to confess something to you today:

Yes, folks, I have a serious nose hair problem. It's so bad that I've been the subject of both a nose hair confrontation and an intervention as well as the recipient of a nose hair trimmer from a boyfriend on a major holiday.

A few years ago, a friend of mine hinted that I should get my nose hairs waxed. My initial thought? "She must think I'm crazy! That would hurt like the dickens!" My secondary thought? "She's probably right..."

And just so you know, as someone with a persistant nose hair problem, I have regularly subjected myself to nose hair plucking. I HATE it. It makes me sneeze. It makes my eyes water, and even my back gets sore because I tense up so badly while I pluck- sneeze- pluck -sneeze- away.

So I did it. I got my nose hairs waxed, and you know what? It was awesome. They simply stick a stick up your nose with a bit of wax, wait for the wax to cool, and then yank it out in one swift movement. My first time in, I didn't sneeze at all, my eyes didn't tear up, and it hurt way less than plucking. Of course, that's probably because it's so much pain that my brain's pain receptors just shut down and said, "WHAT WAS THAT?! WE'RE NOT EVEN GOING TO FIRE BECAUSE THAT WAS JUST INSANE." Waxing is my nose hair is my favorite way to take care of my hair up there.

It was so satisfying to see all those hairs (short and long) on that ball of wax. I'm not going to lie. Every time I have it done, I ask the esthetician if I can exam what's been extracted. I stare at it and marvel over how much came out and how it's not going to come back for 10- 12 more weeks.


This morning I had my first set of Mrs. Austinheadshots taken, and on Wednesday night I was horrified to notice that, once again, my nose hairs were out of control. Thankfully, yesterday morning, the dear folks at Milk + Honey Spa squeezed me in for an early appointment, and believe it or not, but I fell in love with nose hair waxing even more!


 This time, there was no stick involved. The esthetician put wax up my nose using the stick, but made a "pull tab" for the wax instead. She got it all in one pass for each nostril and zero plucking for cleanup. It was painless, quick, and oh so satisfying! I took a very detailed photo of what came out to post on my blog, but my sweet husband begged me not to post it. (Sometimes even he can't believe how gross I am.) If you want to see it, beware, it's disgusting. It is not for the squeamish, and even the strongest of stomachs will be horrified. [Beware: photo here].About that photo...

With that... enjoy your weekend!

An extra special thanks goes out to Milk + Honey for comping my face waxing. I am in love with the hip, serene vibe of the new space on 2nd Street. I'll be back for sure! 

For more info, see the Milk + Honey services menu here and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook

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