A baby blanket so easy to make that a baby could make it herself

Slacker mom alert: I forgot the kids' blankets in Texas. The morning we left, I gathered them up and put them in a bag to take with us, but that bag got left behind in my rush to get the family on the road. Oh, well. At least I remembered the children!

The day we settled into our temporary apartment, I made a trip over to Walmart to get Caroline a baby blanket (it is literally my only shopping option here in this town). My choices were Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, and Dora the Explorer. What? No plain white? No pink polka dots? Since the blankets were all $12 and up, and I didn't want her becoming attached to something I could potentially loathe looking at, I decided to take a gander around Walmart's (surprisingly decent) fabric area instead. Among all the camouflage and Winnie the Pooh fleece, I found a bolt of pony printed fleece and decided to make her a blanket out of that. Plus for $3/ yard, it sure beats dropping $12+ on something with Sleeping Beauty's or Dora's smug little mug emblazoned all over it.
peekSpeaking of smug little mugs...
I made this blanket in about 30 minutes. No sewing required. In fact, it's so easy to make, Caroline probably could have made it herself, and I am hesitant to call it a "craft". Really, I just cut up some fabric. If that sounds like your kind of craft, here you go:


  • Two pieces of fleece, one yard each. I used one print and one solid, but you can do whatever you want.


  • One pair of good fabric scissors (you'll be doing a lot of little cuts).

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/64811297 w=600&h=338]

[music credit: "Blanket" by The Melillo Brothers]
  1. Line up the fabric on top of each other. Since we're not sewing anything, make sure the right sides are facing out. 
  2. Cut off the selvage and/ or uneven edges. Make sure the two layers are nearly identical in size and layer them on top of each other. 
  3. From each corner, through both layers, cut off a square of fabric about three inches. 
  4. Cutting through both layers, cut fringe strips around all four sides, the same length as the squares that were cut out. I did mine an inch and a half apart. 
  5. Tie the fringe in knots, using one strand from the top layer and one strand from the bottom layer. 
  6. Give the blanket to the baby.


Yes. Yes, I did just show y'all how to "make" a blanket without sewing anything at all. Perhaps for my next trick I'll show you how to make an Ikea end table by screwing the legs into the top.

Slacker mom, indeed.

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