Spending time with Amelia

I wanted to keep my outfit post streak going, but alas, I had to make the tough call to hightail it up to Indiana to spend some time with my sweet, sweet grandma [more about her here].

A few weeks ago, she had a fall and broke her femur. After spending five weeks up here in April to help her with her transportation during her cancer treatments, I got to visit with her again at the beginning of October for my beloved Oktoberfest. The kids celebrated their birthday with my family up here, too.

Jude rides a creepy ladybug at the Oktoberfest // Caroline enjoys her smash cake on her first birthday

My grandma was doing great with her physical therapy for her leg (and her colon cancer was not bothering her at all, believe it or not), and she was on track to recovery. Sadly, she contracted pneumonia last week, went on antibiotics which aggravated her digestion, and lost her appetite. After trying to get a PICC line in her, the site got infected, and she suffered a stroke. Her health has declined so quickly that my head spins thinking about it. At first the situation seemed dire, so on Saturday afternoon I loaded little Caroline in the car and got up here as fast as I could, with Chris and Jude planning to fly up to meet us after. Thankfully Caroline traveled like a champ, and we left just in time to beat all the severe weather happening around Dallas and in Arkansas.

So... here I sit at her bedside in the hospital. Let me tell you-- this woman is a fighter! Though we weren't sure if she would even make it until I arrived (I got in yesterday evening after an overnight in Memphis), she is being discharged back to the nursing home tomorrow. She'll be a part of hospice care there, but even as I sit here, she is dutifully moving her good arm up and down, doing her physical therapy exercises.

I'm not sure when I'll be back home or when I can write, but I'll try to post daily, even if it's just something small. You've been so great in the past regarding news about my grandma, and I wanted to explain a lull in posts, which may come. However, watch for a Boden giveaway this week and a little note about maternity jeans. I may even regale you with some tales of my parenting mishaps thus far.

In the meantime, thank you for your prayers for safe travels and well wishes for my family. I miss Jude and Chris like crazy, but it is nice to be here for what will likely be one of my last visits to Seymour.

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