24 weeks // mom (to be) jeans

Behold my midwest winter uniform-- oversized sweater, maternity jeans, scarf, and ankle boots:

date: 30 Nov 2013 // occasion: Applebee's lunchjeans: c/o Boden USA (maternity) // sweater: H&M // wedges: TOMS // scarf: Amazon // clutch: LV
Brrrrrrr! I really don't know how you midwest and cold region style bloggers do it. How do you wear short dresses and tights in the winter without wanting to immediately curl up and lay inside an oven? How do you look cute and comfortable in your outfit of the day posts? I tried to take photos while I was in Indiana, but I was shivering and chattering so hard that I just looked miserable in every photo.

I took a bevy of cute dresses and tights with me, but I was so cold that I ended up alternating between my maternity leggings and these Boden maternity jeans. After practically living in them for the last ten days, let me tell you that, hands down, these are the best maternity jeans I have ever owned. They have pull tabs inside so the waist fits properly and they're my first pair of full panel maternity jeans. Plus the cut is extremely flattering.

When I was first pregnant with Jude, I did not understand the allure of the full panel maternity jeans. I thought there was really no reason to have over a foot of fabric encircling your midsection. I bought mainly maternity bottoms with a demi panel (the band designed to sit under the belly instead of on top). Mistake!
As you can see, the full panel jeans look way less sexy than the demi panel jeans, but they are way more practical. The demi panel is fine for first trimester, but once the bump becomes more pronounced, I strongly prefer the full panel. The taller band makes everything look smoother, does not roll down as often, and is remarkably more comfortable. Sure, I'm not Urkleing my pants as much in the demi panel versus the full panel, but I'm way more comfortable!

Twenty four and a half weeks down... 109 more days to go! Who wants to bet that I end up wearing these jeans for at least 50 of the next 109 days?

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