25 weeks // It's Wednesday... on Wednesday

The very first movie date* I ever went on was to see Addams Family Values (*Note: I am using "date" loosely here as I was a pre-teen and I had simply met a boy with his group of friends at the movies whilst accompanied by a group of friends of my own. He and I shared a tub of popcorn and a twin pack of Slim Jims, but that was the extent of our "date"). Not because of him, but because of nostalgia in general, I've always had penchant for Wednesday Addams. When I married Chris Adams [sic], the irony was not lost on me, and I was Wednesday Addams for Halloween one year. Despite this, I honestly did not realize that this new maternity dress I got from ASOS recently is pretty much a "Wednesday Addams with Child" homage:
 date: 8 December 2013 // occasion: Jude's Christmas pageant + kiddo birthday party
dress: ASOS (maternity) // tights: Target // shoes: Ann Marino via DSW // wallet: Kate Spade (similar) // sunglasses: c/o 80's Purple (similar)

Well, at least I know that I can simply add two braids and some lighter foundation make-up and be Wednesday Addams for Halloween again some time.

I'm still wearing this to Christmas family festivities. Hopefully no one else makes the correlation. 

The witchy shoes probably don't help much.
Now, if you'll indulge me, please sing this to the tune of The Addams Family tv theme song:
She's sleepy and she's kooky,
This outfit's not a fluke- see?,
Does it make you sort of pukey?
Indi's outfit comedy!
Da-da-da-dant! *snap snap!* Da-da-da-dant! *snap snap*
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