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I've spent most of my adult life avoiding oil. I have acne- prone, oily skin, and I have oily hair. Too much of my teenage years were spent blotting my slick face with oil absorbing sheets, which would turn an embarrassing clear when I'd use them. Until a few years ago, all of my beauty products were oil-free, and the very notion of selling me a bottle of oil to use anywhere on my face, skin, or hair was laughable.

I can't quite pinpoint when things changed, but a couple years back, I recall getting a facial from my friend Rita, and she used an oil cleanser on my face and spoke about how oily skin responds well to treatments with oil because, well, oil binds to oil. Or something like that (I'm sure she was much more eloquent and factual). Since that little pep talk and since noting that my mom, who looks way young for her age, has always used baby oil as a body moisturizer, I've become an oil lover! Daily, I now use a coconut oil on my hair, an argan oil on my face, and an oil-based face cleanser. Is it any wonder that I sought out a stretch mark prevention oil during this pregnancy?

When I get pregnant, I gain a lot of weight. I am not one of those dainty women who gets to brag about how she can still fit into her regular yoga pants despite the baby bump. My regular clothing hasn't seen the light of day in months. With Caroline, I gained 70 pounds. With this one, I'm up 50 pounds (with four weeks to go, still). I wear a size large in maternity clothing. I get huge, so stretch marks are something that I've always been a little cognizant of.

When Austin-based company Beauty Store Depot sent me info about the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil they carry, I had to learn more. The body butter I used before was great, but with my new oil admiration, I jumped at the chance to try out Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil. They sent me a bottle before Christmas, and now with just a few short weeks to go, I'm happy to report that I have no new stretch marks!
Straight up: I use this after every shower and I also slather it on whenever my midsection feels itchy. Since December 12, I have used this almost daily (and took it with me over the holidays), and I still have about half a bottle (one bottle would easily make it through one pregnancy). It absorbs fast, smells great, and man... I wish I would have used this last time. I am currently 36 weeks along and the only stretch marks I have are light, residual ones, low, low down from my time carrying Caroline. Since no tummy oil review would be worth its salt without a bare tummy photo, here's a belly pic that I had Chris snap right before I posted this post (my modesty is making me cringe, but I had to put some kind of photographic evidence out there, didn't I?): If, for whatever reason, you're not an oil convert like me, I hear the Mama Mio Tummy Butter is good stuff, too (in my experience, body oils go a lot further than body butters). Mama Mio recommends using their tummy products for up to four months postpartum, too, as the omega oils are said to help skin shrink down to pre-pregnancy size. I'll be sure to report back if that's the case! Not pregnant? No worries. Mama Mio makes a bevy of beauty products worth checking out. The granola girl that I've seemingly become appreciates that their entire line is free of parabens, petrolatum, sodium laureth, sodium laurel sulphate, xenoestrogen, phtalates, colorants, and synthetic fragrances.
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Know a pregnant lady? I think this Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit would make a really thoughtful gift.

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