And now I rescind my anti-pin stance

Admittedly, Pinterest used to make me crazy. Recipes I would try would fail, I'd be inundated with "thinspiration" photos that made me feel bad about myself, and I was tired of seeing a seemingly infinite amount of twee DIY's involving chevron, pallet wood, and/ or mason jars (so rustic!). Truth be told, in the last couple of years I wasn't that active on Pinterest, and I was totally okay with that. However, if you and I are connected on Pinterest at all, you may have noticed that there's been quite an upswing in my activity. I guess technically I could blame it on Baby 3 since she's forced me to rest way more often than I'd like, but really, it's because I'm excited about shopping and style again! The days in which I can ditch my maternity clothes are quickly approaching.

But even more exciting than that is the fact that there are so many more options out there that offer stylish, ethically manufactured, socially conscious, and / or eco-friendly clothes, shoes, and accessories! You know... stuff that is more aligned with my shop with heart guidelines (which, sadly, I hadn't been doing too great with when it came to buying winter maternity clothes). Anyway, I've been culling some of these retailers and offerings a lot lately, as I'm just thrilled to have more options. Check out some of my favorite finds and newest pins:
Follow Indiana's Shop with Heart board on Pinterest.

I've included some favorites from some of my long time loves such as TOMS, Noonday Collection, and Raven and Lily, but I've also pinned a lot of things from new (to me) companies such as Mata Traders, Nisola Shoes, and Annie Greenabelle.

I plan to keep building this board, so if there are any retailers that would be a good fit, please leave a comment below or contact me via Facebook to let me know.
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