First outing post Lucy

I did it, y'all! I "got dressed" and left my house for the first time since having Lucy last Monday. I wasn't quite ready to leave the house with all three kids by my lonesome, but while Lucy was napping and Caroline was being fed lunch by my mom, I did make a quick jaunt to Macy's for Clinique Bonus Time and then I picked Jude up from school.
Despite my smug face in the photos (please ignore!), I have to use "got dressed" in quotes because I didn't actually get dressed. I simply pulled a skirt on over the maternity tank and shorts that I had slept in, and I festooned it all with a stretchy belt in a (failed) attempt to make it look like I had a waistline.
date: 4 April 2014 (11 days postpartum) // occasion: errandsĀ skirt (as "dress"): thrifted // belt: thrifted // tank: Old Navy (maternity) // shoes: c/o Loly in the Sky
I got these shoes (and this pair, too) waaaay back in April (see also 1, 2). The team at Loly in the Sky introduced me to their handmade in Mexico / Austin based brand and were kind of enough to send me two pairs while I was in Indiana taking care of my ailing grandmother last spring. Since then I have worn the snuff out of them, and they remain the number one most complimented shoes in my entire footwear arsenal. My outfit may have been a miss, but my shoes? A+!

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