Eye have a weird pregnancy fact for you

I mentioned in my previous post how my shoes (and rings) no longer fit since having Lil'Lu. Do you know what else doesn't fit? (Well... aside from my pants, which is obvious, thankyouverymuch). My contact lenses! That's crazy, isn't it? Who knew that that could be a thing in pregnancy, too? I just ordered some prescription sunglasses from Bonlook since I'm not sure how long my eyeballs are going to be jacked. It could be until I'm done nursing (a year?) which just seems nuts to me! In the meantime, I'm sporting some new fashionable frames. 

date: 18 April 2014 // occasion: Easter egg hunt with kidsblouse: ThreadSence (USA) // jeans: GAP (maternity) // bag: c/o My Biotiful Bag // necklaceNoonday Collection- sold out (found here) // braceletsJook & Nona via ZulilyAlexis Bitar // frames: c/o Bonlook // boots (in background): Dr. Martens c/o PlanetShoes.com
Golly. Feet and hands swelling, babies born into / on toilets, eyeballs changing shape... if Adored Austin hasn't made pregnancy sound frightening to you, I don't know what will. It's really not that bad, I swear!

To remedy any ill ease I may have caused, here's this:
So cute, right? I promise that munchkins like this are worth the weird eyeballs and all!

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