The trenches

I mentioned the trench coat and the dress that I picked up at Style Encore in my previous post today, so I wanted to take a moment to show them off:
date: 1 May 2014 // occasion: Target runtrench: Banana Republic via Style Encore (similar) // dress: The Limited via Style Encore (similar) // bag: c/o My Biotiful Bag // shoes: TOMS // glasses: c/o Bonlook

I've been wanting a classic trench coat for a while now because I'm slowly and thoughtfully working on getting all 10 of Tim Gunn's essential 10 items-- a trench coat being #6 on the list. I have a stellar yellow one, but I've been keeping my eye out for a beige one since 2010! I'm so glad I found it!

The coat is snug, but I'm going to keep it around until I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. The dress, however, now that I've got it home, I realize that I'm not crazy about it since I can't nurse in it easily, but it does fit my current size, so it has that going for it. I anticipate I'll post it on Poshmark or Swapdom later this summer.

 This little clutch from eco-conscious brand My Biotiful Bag holds my wallet, cell phone, and lipstick. I toss this in my cavernous diaper bag to keep my stuff separate from the kids'. Cool fact: it's made entirely of recycled materials. This particular bag is made from the plastic of four 500 mL water bottles.  Oh, joy! I ordered these TOMS using a $20 credit (which new TOMS customers can get here via my referral link) and they fit! Of course, they'd fit better if my feet weren't so fat, but this is one of the few pairs of closed toe shoes (i.e. not sandals) that I can actually get on, so I'm happy! I'm still wearing glasses. Thanks, weird eyes. Thankfully I have a bevy of cute frames to wear until my contacts fit me again. IF they ever fit me again. *sigh*
By the way, today was the first day that I got out of the house with all three kids alone and went to Target. Everyone lived. No one cried (not even me). I didn't even sweat through my dress. It was a success, and I got the one thing I went in for and nothing else. High fives all around!

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