Like a cloud

On Saturday night, I got to attend Austin Fashion Week as an award nominee for the first time. It was an honor to be up for the 2014 Trailblazer Award, and I was almost as excited to just have the excuse and opportunity to get dolled up. The occasion called for over the top fake lashes and bold coral-red lips:
The occasion also called for the dreamiest skirt in the world. When I came downstairs Jude asked me if I was dressed like a cloud. The only answer to that was "Yes! Yes, I am!":  date: 3 May 2014 // occasion: Austin Fashion Week Awards
skirt: Emily Hallman (USA, local Austin designer) // crop top: American Apparel (USA) // necklace: Noonday Collection- sold out (fair trade- found here) // bracelets: Jook + Nona via Zulily (USA) // clutch: c/o My Biotiful Bag // headband: Target
It was really important to me that I wore something that showcased a local designer, because at no other time do people inquire "who I'm wearing" over and over again. But three days before the event, I still hadn't found anything to wear. Thankfully, I was extremely fortunate to find this killer skirt in Emily Hallman's sample sale section on her website, and she graciously let me come to her studio on Thursday to try it on to see if it needed any adjustments. And wouldn't you know it, but it was a perfect fit!

I knew I wanted to ground the poshness of the skirt with a more casual top, and I remembered seeing (my favorite eco-stylist) Merl Kenzie Instagramming this shirt, touting it as "extremely flattering", so as soon as I knew the skirt would work, I immediately jaunted over to the American Apparel outlet to snag the top. Merl was right! Even at a solid size 12, I felt confident enough to rock the crop. I completed my outfit with thoughtfully chosen accessories (a fair trade necklace and a purse made of recycled plastic) and a gold headband I picked up last minute at Target.

I have a couple more photos of the outfit on Instagram, and all in all, my aunt and I had a great night. It was such an honor to be nominated for such a prestigious award, and I was as pleased as punch to be out without a burp rag and a baby slung over my shoulder!

Jude liked my cloud outfit so much that he asked if I could wear it to church the next morning. I declined, but I'm thinking of having Emily hem the skirt to just below the knee so I can wear it more often (inspiration). I may even be able to wear it for my ten year anniversary party next month.

What do you think? Should I have the skirt hemmed so I can wear it more often? Or should I save it as is to wear again for another special, formal occasion? 

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