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When life gets too hectic to sit down and write a proper post here, rest assured that I'm still on the grid. I am loving Instagram these days, and if you and I aren't connected there, you've missed out on some of these gems:

Apparently fake eyebrows on babies is a thing now. I cannot stop laughing at Lucy in these snapshots. Seriously, that second photo gets funnier the more I look at it: her hand under her chin, her pouting bottom lip, the one "eyebrow" askew... 

Throwback Thursdays: So you mean to tell me that you didn't get your senior portraits taken with your cat or a portion of your Coca-Cola bear collection?
In addition to embarrassing myself and my family on Instagram, I'm also starting very deep conversations on Facebook (We have a discussion about moms 'n' bikinis going on now and I'm getting ready to do a FB only giveaway), and I'm saying pointless things (mainly about my insatiable appetite and parenting and Parenthood, The Mindy Project, and Nashville) on Twitter
So, if you've been missing me here (uh, y'all can thank the children and my endless pile of dishes and laundry for the sporadic posting!), you can get me there! 

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