Review: Sleep Number x12 Bed with Sleep IQ Technology

I'm on a little house hunting trip here in Atlanta, and you know what? I miss my bed.

Don't get me wrong, I love staying at my mother-in-law's, but I, literally, have the best bed in the world back home in Austin.

Something that I don't think I've mentioned here is the fact that I don't sleep well. If you've ever gotten an email or Facebook message from me at 2 a.m. you'll know it's because I have trouble sleeping. I've talked a little about my struggle with sleeplessness at church and with my girlfriends before, but not much on here because honestly, it's sad! It's sad that I had just resigned myself to living a life with very little rest. But all that's starting to change!

Do you follow the Consumer Electronics Show news at all? I do, because I'm a nerd like that. I always get excited to see what debuts, and this year, CES was all abuzz with the introduction of the Sleep Number x12 Bed. I saw it, and I, too, was mesmerized. I wanted that bed! I needed that bed!

So when the chance to try the Sleep Number x12 Bed with Sleep IQ Technology became available to me, I leapt at the chance. It sounded too good to be true: a bed that tracks how well you sleep, gives you suggestions on how to improve, and even gets your partner to stop snoring? No freaking way.

I was skeptical, so I kept my old bed unsure that I would like the new one (not that I loved my old bed, but I was hesitant, you know?). Long story short: I slept that very first night. I really could not believe it. We got the bed at the beginning of March, before I had Lucy, so I've had over three months with this thing, and I'm still gaga for it. Our old bed will be banished to the guest room forever now!

Sleep Number came out to my house last month to ask me what I thought about the x12 and the Sleep IQ Technology, and I was able to share just why it is so special (featuring cameos of my kids and husband and our colorful house!):

I know this all reads and sounds like a commercial, but y'all, it's really that brilliant. I recognize that the x12 is a bit of a stretch cost-wise, but what's really great is that the Sleep IQ Technology is available for Sleep Number beds starting at $999.00. No matter if you're pregnant, an insomniac, nursing, married to a snorer or not, it's not a bad investment at all. I mean, seriously, this bed has a stop partner from snoring feature, has in-bed massage, and turns on your nightstand lights all by remote or voice command. On top of that it tracks your sleep quality and makes suggestions for better sleep? Man, it's like we're living in Jetsons time, right?

This is not recommended or suggested, but I half wonder if I could plug a coffee maker into the nightstand light outlet and my bed could even make me a cup of coffee in the morning, too...

The future! We have arrived! Now goodnight!

Disclosure: My family received the Sleep Number x12 bed for review. This is not a sponsored post nor we were compensated beyond the bed. Honest, unscripted opinions on the product were given with permission to be featured. 

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