Caroline at two

There is no playscape that intimidates Caroline. // Coco is happiest when she's on the go!

There is no playscape that intimidates Caroline. // Coco is happiest when she's on the go!

It seems like  just a few weeks ago that I took a pregnancy test at the gym before going out on Valentine's Day, but wiggity-what? That was more than 2.5 years ago!  Caroline's due date was Jude's birthday, but despite my best efforts to evict from my womb on his cake day, she came the next day so she could have a birthday all to herself... and one of the most memorable births of any kid, ever. We celebrated her second birthday in New York. What a day!

Caroline is all about adventure and she is not content to sit and color or imbibe in a little screen time. She is bold, courageous, and fiercely independent. However, she doesn't do things unless she knows she can do them with gusto. Her first word was a two syllable word ("cookie") and her first step was one of nine all the way across the living room.

Caroline at two:

  • Loves sweets. If we even mention a dessert at dinner, she will stop eating the meal and can only focus on the ice cream or cookie that we may have inadvertently brought up. 
  • She loves her big brother and mimics everything he does. She's only a bit shorter than him and can keep up with him pretty well. If this continues to be the case, I imagine that in a few years people will ask me if they're twins. I'll just nod and say, "Well, she was born a day later." I'll let them puzzle over that a while. 
  • She loves accessorizing. The first time I caught her standing, she was putting on a necklace in my closet. If you hold her and you're wearing a bracelet or necklace, expect that she'll ask to wear them ("Bracelet, please!"). 
  • She wakes up in a glorious, chipper mood and greets me with a "Good morning, mommy!" when I come to get her in the mornings. 
  • "Sweet Caroline" is not at all a misnomer. She's helpful and kind and always looking out for others. And she's generous with her hugs.

The most adorable exchange took place over the weekend. We were staying at a hotel in Indiana and all sharing one room (two pack and plays and two queen beds, that's how we do it). On our last morning before heading back down to Atlanta, Caroline was the first one to wake up. The rest of us were lolling around, trying to get in a few more winks. She called out:

Caroline: Time to brush your teeth, Daddy!
Chris: [rolls over, trying to get more sleep] I'll do that later, Caroline. 
Caroline: I need hugs and kisses, Daddy!
Chris: Aw, I can't deny that! [he gets out of bed and scoops her up]