It's basically a NOT blogging conference

If you want to know how different the 2015 installment of Texas Style Council will be, I just asked a possible keynote if she could speak on the topic of "Blog Success is Mainly Luck and Selling Your Soul to Advertisers but is Mainly Just Luck So if You Ask Me How You Can Get More Blog Traffic, I Will Stab You." She hasn't responded, yet, but I'm hopeful someone can lead that talk.

That's the kind of CAMP it's going to be.

Look. I know that there's a general malaise out there among bloggers. Collectively we feel a little unsure about our next steps (or next post?), the "rut" we're in seems more like being at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and we have the devil on one shoulder telling us to "cultivate a personal brand" (whatever the h that means) and an angel on the shoulder saying "Taking money for blogging sends your blog soul straight to blog Hades and no one will like you if you do". I don't want to add to that noise. I want to make a space for you to banish that rubbish. 

Our final installment of the Texas Style Council conference is a place where you can rest and recharge and talk about the slog and the perks of blogging and running a business with other women around a campfire. No high heels (seriously, they're not allowed according to the campground's brochure), no one telling you you MUST monetize your entire life because you write about your life online, and no one forcing you to believe that life has to be photo ready at all times. 

As you are, right now, at the level you're blogging, you are good enough. 

Point blank: if you want to attend TxSC to learn how to be a "successful blogger" and to get more money and more followers, this is not the camp for you. But if you want to make connections with creative women who are all about building each other up, TxSC is the place for you. Plus... s'mores.

If you don't believe me (the friggin' founder for goodness sakes) go read Megan's post. Megan's legit. She's a published author (and if you haven't read her book I advise you to stop what you're doing right now and go buy it and read it in one sitting like I did). She has good things to say about blogging these days and where TxSC fits in. Plus she says that I "get it", so I was able to show that to Chris to tell him that I am not aloof after all! Go on, read it