Welcome, Meredith Vieira Show viewers!

Hello! If you've landed here because you caught me and my husband and family and friends on The Meredith Vieira Show today, welcome! We had a wedding re-do on national television, and our heads are still spinning from the entire experience.

A friend of ours once told us that what makes a good wedding is when they put your body in the earth and you're still married.

So did we "deserve" a wedding re-do? As Chris said, "There are certainly real disaster weddings. Ours didn't feel that way, even if the accumulated impact of all those things was big."

Nonetheless, we feel incredibly humbled that our story was chosen, that the Meredith Vieira Show team treated us with such care, and that we were able to share our "redemption" story with so many people. We have a lot more to say about weddings and our marriage and our experience on the show, so there will be more to come in the days to follow. 

And if you'd like a more of the wedding day details beyond what we shared on the show, here's the story with wedding day photos

This really happened last weekend! // Me with " Rev Ev ",  Meredith , and Chris.

This really happened last weekend! // Me with "Rev Ev", Meredith, and Chris.