A surprise for Emily

Last Thursday, I was able to host the Austin leg of the 4moms Sweet Treat Tour, and the kind folks at 4moms sent me an origami stroller to use at the event. However, I already own a 4moms origami (and I love it!), so I was given permission to do what I'd like with the new one. 

Emily was one of the mothers that came by the Sweet Treat Tour and her sweet baby #2 is making her debut in two days, this Friday. I offered to deliver her baby for her in the bathroom of her choice, but, weirdly, Emily was not enthusiastic about that idea. However, Emily was enthusiastic about the origami. In fact, "enthusiastic" would be an understatement. She was the first person to come by, and she returned two hours later with her husband so he could put his name in for the stroller, too. She really wanted to win!

I got home that night and put away my own origami. I don't need two, and I am so thankful for mine. It folds up and down with the push of a button, which is a huge help when I'm dealing with both Caroline and Lucy. Emily, in just a few short days, would be in my very same position. The origami has made my life easier-- going out doesn't seem so daunting. I've used the stroller for both Lu and Caro nearly daily since I got it. Why shouldn't I pass an extra one on to someone else? 

You should know that I just love doing silly things. I ran the social media for Flash Mob Austin for a while, and I can't think of anything more fun than spreading random acts of joy. Last night I called up a bevy of my girlfriends (hi, Heidi, Sarah, Jena, and Joanie!) who thought an adventure sounded fun. Take a look and see how we surprised Emily: 

A huge thanks goes out to my friends who are always on board with my last minute / crazy schemes, Emily's husband for secretly helping us make this happen, Staples who made my big fake check for free, my aunt Wanda for watching my munchkins while I flash mobbed, and 4moms for providing the stroller and the opportunity to make a day that Emily will always remember.

Stay tuned to see who wins the origami from the Sweet Treats tour. That winner will be drawn after August 18.