Currently: 8/16

Happy weekend, y'all! I have two weeks left in my fair city of Austin, so I plan to love on it hard before bidding it farewell. 

EATING / All you can meat! We had Pluckers last night, and we're heading to Est├óncia Churrascaria for lunch today. Have you ever been to a Brazilian steak house? If not, I highly recommend you drop what you're doing right this very moment and go. It's all you can eat meat (Haha. See what I did there?) and the servers literally run from table to table with slabs of meat on swords that they carve off and serve to you. I have on a dress that has lots of belly room and I skipped breakfast so I can get max full. 

READING / I've GOT to get out of this YA romance rut I'm in! I don't even know how I got so entrenched here. I blame you, Eleanor & Park, for you were my gateway into this manic / tragic literary world (so great!). I think I'll read #GIRLBOSS next. My friend Jessica read it recently, and I've been meaning to read it ever since I saw Sophia Amoruso speak at SXSW last March. BTW- Are we connected on Good Reads?

WRITING / You guys! My new blog has only been alive for a week now and lookeeeeee! I've posted daily since! That may not seem like a big deal because... um... well... that's what one should be doing, I guess, but I can't even THINK of the last time I had a full week of new content! 

WEARING / I only have a few outfits here (everything else is in storage) but I've been wearing my Free People cutoffs pretty much daily this week. I said I'd never pay big money for cutoff shorts because I mean... they can be made so easily! However, I caved last summer after I tried these on. I could never get my DIY ones to fit this well. These are the perfect combo of loose and flirty. They're an essential in Austin! 

WANTING / I keep seeing this Lily Jade bag on Camp Patton. It can be strapped to your back and then the insides come out so it's a regular purse instead of a diaper bag... one day. One day... (my diaper days are far from gone). 

BLOG LOVING / So... apparently the Catholic Mommy Blogger subset is a very real thing. It's as big of a thing as the Mormon Mommy Bloggers. I met a slew of wonderful mom bloggers who just so happened to be Catholic at The Hundred, and I love them. LOVE THEM. Big families. God loving. Marriage minded. Sweet, sweet women. You all know Camp Patton, but wet your whistle with The Fike Life, The Fisk Files, Cedars and Tiny Flowers, and Whole Parenting Family.

LOL'ING / Can we Snapchat? Can we send funny videos to each other? I promise not to send NSFW photos, and if you send me a NSFW photo, I WILL find your mom's Facebook and tell her you're misbehaving on the internet. So there. You've been warned. Find me under indiana.adams.