Keep calm and don't do that DIY

Do you know what I'm eating for breakfast this morning? HUMBLE PIE.

I have no idea why someone thought that energetic children + heavy breakable glass jars full of water + glue + glitter = a good idea. Not only is this NOT a good idea, it isn't at all a calming device. 

Things not shown in the video:

  • Chris' face when he got home showing me instantly with just one look that this was a very bad idea.
  • Jude lobbing his jar at Chris to show it to him for the first time.
  • Caroline immediately copying this. 
  • The purple jar's demise. 
  • The blue jar's demise
  • Me eating cookie butter straight from the jar in my closet while my kids jumped on the sofa or something. That's the real calm down jar, folks. That other one should be avoided.

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