Currently: 8/22

It's been a crazy week at House Adams, and this is our last week before we fly out to Atlanta for(*gulp*)ever. My kids were nuts in this strange transition phase, so I made them calm down jars (1). That didn't go over very well (2). My friend suggested an alternative and I published a manifesto against that suggestion (3). And then my husband made my entire readership LOL at my life (4). But then the universe LOL'ed at him (5). Justice!

EATING / Someone mentioned in another post that they didn't know what cookie butter is. What? WHAT?! Consider your life changed from this point forward: Biscoff or Trader Joe's

READING / I've been all about print magazines lately. I love Deeply Rooted, which I discovered thanks to Lesley Graham's blog (which was recommended to me by my friend Jen). But I'm also way into Garden & Gun, Domino, Southern Living, and Lonny these days.

DECORATING / I have never been good at home decor. It took me FIVE YEARS to pick paint colors for my house, and I never think about art or furniture or anything like that. Since Chris and I are looking for our forever home, I'm trying to thoughtfully consider my aesthetic. I'm typically drawn to very blocky, square, modern design, but as I'm looking at houses in Atlanta, I really want my home to feel southern. As southern as sweet tea, but the thing is, I don't want it to feel rustic or industrial at all. No mason jars (HA!), no reclaimed wood pallet walls, no chalk walls. I have a list of "no thank you's" but I do not have a list of "yes, pleases". Needless to say, I'm intrigued by Twine Interiors and have been chatting with the owner Jessica about figuring out how my home can best reflect me and my family. 

WEARING / I recently bought this necklace from my buddy and style icon Merl at Clyde's Rebirth. It goes with everything I own. 

WANTING / And now I want this one. No one is making stuff that looks like this! 

BLOG LOVING / Austin bloggers I adore: Writes Like a GirlStandard T. Jesse Coulter. Triple Max Tons. Austin Eavesdropper. Hipstercrite. Amber Demure. I could go on and on but my mascara is running now and I need to go eat more cookie butter. 

CELEBRATING / My BBF (best blogging friend) Linda had her baby. She named him Henry. How adorable is that? Congrats to them all! 

LOL'ING / "Technically, we're all half centaur," says Nick Offerman. More of those kind of thoughts delivered by my favorite mustache here.