Packing pains

Last night was our last night in our house. I wanted to take time to write a sappy missive about all the memories I've made here, but today we're in that super rushed spot in the process of packing where really I'm just throwing junk in boxes... but quickly, you know? 

It's dang near impossible to pack up a house with three kids three and under underfoot. As a visual reminder of what we're battling along with the boxes, here's this: 

Adventures on Instagram

Adventures on Instagram

As if you needed to be reminded.

Packing and cleaning when you have kids is like eating an Oreo while brushing your teeth.

I am NEVER moving again!
— everyone ever, while packing to move

If you think this is bad, on Monday, I will attempt to board a plane with those three monkeys, a little dog, and our favorite belongings. 

Your advice, prayers, and time machine so I can warp past this part would be very much appreciated. 

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