Meet me in ATL

I met Jenny and Savannah, the power duo behind Maiedae at the last TxSC, and I got to know them over brunch before they flew back out. They were both so warm and kind, and I liked them both right away! Little did I know that in a year I'd be moving to their turf. 

Last year they threw their first Maiedae Mixer, and all the way here in Texas, I followed along on Instagram wishing I could be a part of the festivities. It looked so beautiful and the attendees all looked liked they had an amazing time. 

The second annual Maiedae Mixer will be in Atlanta in just a few weeks on September 20th.

And I am all about it!

This is a “Get Fancy, Get Connected” networking event for bloggers with delicious food, great music, swag bags, giveaways, crafting time, photo-booth...
— Maiedae Mixer website

Um, they had me at "Get Fancy". Because, really, any excuse to wear something that isn't covered in spit-up or drool would be welcomed. But also, I could really use some more Atlanta friends, being the new girl in town and all. Won't you come and be awkward with me? Learn more about the Maiedae Mixer here or if you're already saying YES-YES-YES as you read this, registration is live here