What I'll miss the most

We made it to Atlanta! I cried during takeoff but I got it together by the time we reached cruising altitude. My aunt really put it in perspective when she said "Austin holds sweet memories, Atlanta new adventures."

We flew out at ten this morning, but my heart and my stomach are still full from last night. In our last 24 hours in our beloved city, we had our final "Everything's Bigger in Texas" party. Rudy's catered, Lala's did on-site snow cones (my favorite!), we rented our furniture from Birch and Brass, and we hired my dear friend Logan to snap photos of our guests. Get a load of this amazing photobooth

[Photos by Logan Pearce | see full album here]

More than Pluckers, more than my favorite shops, and more than my house, I'll miss my friends in Austin the most. God has used our relationships in Austin to grow us and bless us beyond measure. I pray that we can find friends who love the city and love the Lord and love our family like these amazing people do. Oh, gosh. My eyeballs are starting to sting again. Must! Make! Joke!

Can we all go get matching "Texas forever" tattoos now? 

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...while I totally understand how friends made the top of the list, I hope they understand how special that is when Plucker’s queso was under consideration as well.