Currently: 9/6

It's hard to believe that come Monday, we will have been in Atlanta one whole week already. Our whole clan is encamped at my very gracious mother-in-law's house, north of the city. I've been enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures, the lush greenery, the tall trees, and the brief afternoon rain showers. I'm also enjoying the fact that this is the land of Coca-cola. I love me some fountain Coke, and it's available pretty much everywhere. Soon I will no longer have blood. My entire cardiovascular system will be run by Coke which is the case for anyone who has lived in the greater Atlanta metro area long enough, right? I mean, I hope so. 

EATING / I should be reading Eater Atlanta, but until we find a house, it seems silly to strike out to find our new favorite restaurant haunts. We did hap upon Thai Thai, and I loved that the server knew every single one of her customers by name. If we end up living way up that way, I think I could become one of her regulars. 

HOME DREAMING / We are heading out this afternoon to look at houses! I've been doing drive-by's this entire week, and I have our list narrowed to 18 from 42. Is 18 a lot? What say you, house hunters?

WEARING / If ever there were a VIP in my closet, the Free People Trapeze Slip would be it. I bought it in coral in March 2012 and added a white one to my wardrobe in August of 2013. Without exaggeration, I have worn one every single week, during every season since (pregnant and not). I really should consider getting another. I have my eye on a brown one for fall. 

WANTING / Everlane everything! I have this shirt and this cardigan in my cart. If Everlane had pants and a heavy winter jacket in their offerings, I would seriously consider only wearing Everlane (and the Free People slip from above). 

BLOG LOVING / Two days after I moved away from Austin, I discovered Unfancy. Her capsule wardrobe is such an inspiration and her style is so great! I'm sad that I never got to pick her brain in person while living in ATX.

CELEBRATING / What I Wore had her baby! Felix was born last Sunday, on his due date. I know a few tidbits of the birth (All I can say is WOW! Congrats, mama! You did it! Whew!), and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the story. 

LOL'ING / I love a good prank. This dog dressed as a giant spider and scared the kibble outta some folks. I giggled so much the first, second, and third time I watched this