So Long Sweet Summer + a giveaway courtesy of ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN

I may get kicked off the internet for this, but I have to tell you something: I am not one of those women who is all about the fall. Nope. Raking leaves is the pits, I'm not a fan of fall's indecisive weather, and pumpkin spice is gross. I will watch the summer scamper out of here with a frown on my face. SUMMER FOREVER! 

Thankfully, I've been able to enjoy the very last bits of my favorite season poolside at my mother-in-law's here in Atlanta.

Just so you know, in the five years I've had a personal style blog, I never would have thought that one day I'd post a photo of me in a swimsuit, let alone a photo of me in a swimsuit after having three children and still being about 20 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Nonetheless here goes: 

DATE: 7 Sept 2014 / OCCASION: Swimming, duh / SWIMSUIT + COVER-UP: c/o  ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN  (USA) / SHORTS:  Free People  / SUNGLASSES:  Bonlook  / SANDALS:  Dune London

DATE: 7 Sept 2014 / OCCASION: Swimming, duh / SWIMSUIT + COVER-UP: c/o ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN (USA) / SHORTS: Free People / SUNGLASSES: Bonlook / SANDALS: Dune London

It had to be done.

ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN sent me this suit and coverup to review way back in May, and I've been able to put them both to the test all season since we've been traveling a lot, staying in a lot of hotels, and swimming a lot. This has been the only suit and coverup I've used since May. It's done Barton Springs, salt water pools, chlorine pools, the splash pad, consecutive days, and once even did a family bubble bath dip in a giant hotel tub. It's been used constantly and stretched to its uppermost limits, and it is still going strong. 

That's saying a lot for a swimsuit made out of recycled plastic bottles and other recycled materials. 

Say what?

Yep. The "Eco" in its name isn't for naught. ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN is determined to be the leader in sustainable swimwear. They've even teamed up with one of my other favorite brands United By Blue (seen on I/E here) to do ocean clean-ups. From the Eco Swim website: 

We strive to provide fashionable, excellent quality, and planet-friendly swimwear, therefore reducing our carbon footprint in the sand.

I'm always looking for brands and companies who put heart and thought behind the products they make. Not only does ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN make an extremely flattering line of swimwear (I mean, seriously, I wore this suit a mere six weeks after having Lucy), they also make products that are manufactured in the United States that stand up to rigorous use and are mindful of their environmental impact. I dig it. I dig it a lot. 

I also dig this style! A while back, on my Facebook page, we debated moms in their 30's + bikinis. Yea or nay? I feel like this tankini with its detachable strap straddles the line between conservative one piece and cute bikini, and you get the best of both worlds (especially when wearing a hipster bottom vs. boyshorts-- which I'm not at all ready to do!). I almost got this, a skirted one piece "swimdress", instead of the ruffled tankini I got, but I think that would have made me feel even more covered up. Do you have an opinion about this? Did you stop wearing a bikini after you became a momma? Did YOUR mom rock the two piece when you were a kid? I need to know. I don't want to be an embarrassment to Jude at the neighborhood pool. Nope. I do want to embarrass him in all the other places, though. Just not at the pool thanks to my bared midriff. 

And, hey. I know we're losing summer and all, but don't you still want to hang on to it a little bit? Or at least have something new to wear in a whole family hotel bubble bath? Try your luck at the Rafflecopter, my friends, and win the swimsuit or cover-up of your choice from ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN (view some of their lookbook here. Winner will be given a large line sheet to choose from with these options are more):

Ready, set, swim!