Currently 9/13


EATING / Ugh, you guys. I miss Pluckers. I tried Taco Mac tonight (oddly, they're known for their wings and not their tacos). Food was decent. Beer selection was excellent. Service was the pits. I'd like to try T.Mac one more time in the chance that our server was new or high or something because if ever there were a food-centered priority since moving here, finding a family-friendly wing place is it!

READING / After buying (and disliking) nearly every decor magazine that Target had to offer, I've found myself referring to and dog-earring only two: Domino and HGTV Magazine (thanks for the recommendation, Kelsey!). 

HOME DREAMING / We've come to a verbal agreement regarding a house! But I don't want to get my hopes up until we've signed. It's like that time in middle school that this guy Drew said he was going to ask me for a slow dance at the school dance, but he never did. Saying you're going to do something is not at all the same as actually doing something. We hope to be under contract officially by Monday! 

DECORATING / I've spent way too much time on Pinterest this week thinking about paint colors. Is gray the new builder's beige? I'm using three shades of gray in various parts of my house: Gray Owl for the breakfast nook, San Antonio Gray for my bedroom, and (just) Gray for my bathroom cabinets. All three are by Benjamin Moore, who Britt swears makes the best grays. Why am I picking paint colors for a house I don't even own yet?!?!?!?!

WEARING / I can tell already that my Imogen + Willie jeans will be my go-to jeans this winter. Perfection. 

WANTING / Cozy cable knit sweaters. Come November 16, I am going to try my hardest to snag a gray TOMS sweater, but I also have this adorable cream cable knit sweater from Joules coming soon. 

BLOG LOVING / Who are the blogs that you've been reading for years and years now? I've been reading Jen Loves Kev and Orchid Grey since 2009, and we've met a few times both in Texas and in Boston: they've stayed at our house, our husbands have hung out, we met for a day trip once. I adore these girls and truly consider them buddies. Along with Punky and Melissa, they're always willing to listen to my crazy schemes. I hope that by being on their side of the country that I can go up the coast so I can see them more than once per year.

CELEBRATING / Jude and Caroline are turning 4 and 2 in two and a half weeks! Can you believe it? I'll have to come up with something special for them to do for their first birthdays in Atlanta. It will be weird not celebrating the October birthday extravaganza with our friends the Oakes

LOL'ING / This kid got his senior picture taken with his cat and preemptively got the entire internet to sign a petition so the photo could be in his high school yearbook. My senior photo is not as awesome, but I, too, got my senior photo taken with my cat. I have no idea why I didn't rally the internet behind me to have my portrait + cat published in the yearbook. Oh, yeah. Maybe because in 1998, the only things going viral online were hotmail chain letters. And also, my photo is lacking lasers. But did he also get a portrait taken with a portion of his Coca-Cola bear collection? Didn't think so