We did it! We put in an offer on the house I mentioned yesterday. Now we wait for the awkward back and forth dance of counter offers and negotiations.

During this waiting time, I'm doing what any other perspective home buyer would do: I'm counting my chickens before they hatch. I.e., I'm combing through an endless stream of Pinterest boards, trying to figure out how to turn the house that we don't even own into a home. Maaaybe I'm jumping the gun, but I just can't stop imagining it because I'm so excited about the possibility. Also insomnia.

When we first walked through the house, I felt a feeling similar to when I first realized I loved Chris. All at once it seemed too good to be true, but yet there it was in my grasp. I saw my future, but this time, I also saw my kids' futures. So, yeah. I'm praying it works out, and I'm up late pinning.

If it all works out, this could be my dining nook!

If it all works out, this could be my dining nook!

There's a reason why you never saw an Adored Austin home tour until the house was staged and we were 90% moved out. It's because I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to decorating an interior. 

I'm a blogger, dang it, so isn't my home supposed to be photo opp ready at all times? Um, no. Riiiiiight

I've mentioned that it took me five years to choose paint colors and that I probably never would have had art hung if it weren't for my mother-in-law, who helped hang pictures on one of her visits. Decor just isn't my thing and it's not something I feel particularly passionate about. 

But now that I know we have a potential house in our crosshairs, I need to figure out how to furnish it. I bought some decor magazines at Target yesterday, but I didn't really like any of them. Maybe I just don't like decor? 

All this to say is that I could use a little help here. Can you recommend any good decor magazines or books or blogs that can help me figure out my own personal style? I feel like everything on Pinterest is an amalgamation of chevron, pallet wood walls, farm house sinks, impossibly white kitchens, chalkboard paint, and mason jar everything. I don't want my house to feel like Pinterest took a dump in it, you know?

But really, who am I kidding. At this point, I'm okay with most home furnishings if they don't have a yogurt stain on them, but surely that can't be my only qualifier! Give me your recommendations, please.