My personal Sleep Number Bed Story

I've been traveling a lot all in the name of selling a house and house hunting. I've been sleeping in hotels, staying with family, and crashing with friends because my family of five has recently relocated from our home in Austin, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia.

With all this travel we've been doing, it made me understand why people say "I miss my bed". Let me attest: when you're sleeping in the best bed in the world, you truly miss your bed. I do.

Hi, bed, hi. I miss you. You're in storage but we'll be reunited soon!

Hi, bed, hi. I miss you. You're in storage but we'll be reunited soon!

The best bed in the world? Hands down it's the Sleep Number x12 bed with SleepIQ technology. Six months ago I had Lucy, my third child. Right before she was born I got a Sleep Number x12 bed with SleepIQ tech, and my sleep drastically improved the very first night (video testimony here). For as long as I can remember, I have had sleep problems. I had trouble falling asleep and I had trouble sleeping deep. I'll be the first to admit that when I'm not well rested, I'm not at the top of my mom game. In the past, I would loll around in bed in the mornings, desperately trying to catch more winks. I'd be groggy upon waking and my mind would be foggy from not being well rested. My day would be off to a late start, and I would spend the entire morning rushing to catch up and never quite succeed.

As a mom of three kids ages three and under, I can't control a lot, but one thing I'm able to control and improve upon is my sleep. Sleep used to be hard to come by, but the Sleep Number x12 bed with SleepIQ has empowered me to track how long I sleep, how well I sleep, and suggests how to improve the way I sleep every single day. 

[Right before I moved I spoke to KEYE-TV's Chris Saldana on We Are Austin about how awesome my bed is. Also... my friend Heidi dared me to wear her cow vest. I simply cannot pass up fashion related dares.]

I control the bed's firmness to my liking. I control the bed's position (which is so helpful when nursing or blogging in bed). I even control the nightstand lights with a voice command! Best of all, since SleepIQ tech makes suggestions based on my past sleep record and lifestyle habits, I can control how well I sleep overall.

When I'm well rested, I'm a better mom. I have more gusto, more patience, and more time. So no matter what state my bed is in, so long as my bed is my the Sleep Number x12 bed with SleepIQ tech I get my best rest, making me my best self-- which is what's best for my entire family.