Maybe it's like choosing a favorite daughter

My other diaper bag bit the dust last year after a run in with our van door. Truth be told, it was way worse for the wear, as the leather was actually pleather and the strap had started losing chunks of "leather" and stitching. Diaper bags should be built to stand up to spit-up, shoe stomps from tiny toddler feet, and daily, heavy use. That one couldn't handle us. 

I met Meggan Wood, the owner of Lily Jade, at The Hundred Event, and her sweet, genuine spirit immediately made me feel at ease in a social situation where I knew few other attendees. She radiates warmth and has a delicious curiosity combined with an authentic desire to truly get to know and appreciate every person she meets. She is gracious, loving, and smart. 

Her fine line of diaper bags have the sort of integrity you'd expect from a woman like that: top notch. Maybe you've seen a Lily Jade on In Honor of Design? Or Camp Patton? Or Tori Spelling

Meggan listened to my complaints about my previous diaper bag, which I considered an investment piece, and she offered to let this little 'ole blogger review one of her Lily Jade bags. You guys would not even believe how much stuff I have to carry around when I'm out and about with my crew. Lily Jade has probably never met a more grateful reviewer. 

I've been hemming and hawing for weeks now over which bag to review because the concept and quality is just so great. Can you help a sister out? I've narrowed it down to these two that can also be worn across the back, because goodness knows I have my hands full already. Do you like the Elizabeth or the Madeline better? 

I'm terribly indecisive when given the option between several really great things. I mean, just take a peek at Lily Jade's full inventory here. They're all great!

And just so you know, here on Indiana/Elsewhere, your vote matters. Not only will I choose to review the winning bag, that's the bag that I'll be giving away to one lucky I/E reader. You, me, and Tori! Triplets!