And this is the Reason why I'll be asked NOT to be the room mom again.

When I had signed up to be one of the room moms for Jude's class Easter party, I had all these grandiose ideas, mainly thanks to insomnia + Pinterest (which is a terrible combination). This is as fancy as it got, folks:


Peep Kabobs // Surprisingly sticky and not at all easy to stack without squishing. I've since determined that Peep sugar is worse than glitter. Not only does it shed everywhere, but it's also sticky and leaves a grainy residue in its wake. My kitchen table may never recover. Parents of Jude's classmates, I'm sorry. [inspiration]



Bunny shaped sandwiches // You haven't truly lived until you've cut thirty slices of bread with a dull rabbit shaped cookie cutter at midnight. I do think the marshmallow tail was a cute touch, though. It's just too bad I had to buy an entire bag of mini marshmallows to do these, when I literally only needed eight. [inspiration]

My friend Ansley, the super mom to Jude's best friend busted this out, though: 

Peep center piece // It's incredible, isn't it? And GET THIS: she had the hindsight A YEAR AGO to save packages of Peeps to make them stale since stale ones are easier to work with than fresh gooey Peeps. A YEAR AGO. #RoomMomGoals 


My kid's teachers don't read my blog (that I know of) but I do want to take a moment to sing their praises. Ansley and I were only in the class for an hour (one singular hour) and in that short time, we cleaned up an epic mess, broke up a for real fight between two brawny four year olds, comforted a child crying for her mommy, and defended the take-home Peep Kabobs with our lives. We left exhausted. I do not know how teachers do it. I stress ate a bag of Cadburry mini-eggs when I got home. 

I still think it's nutso how I didn't foresee how this could make such a crazy mess:

Tissue paper crosses // This craft may seem innocuous at first glance, but don't let it's sweet appearance deceive you. I foolishly gave each four year old a tiny cup of glue that I added pink food coloring to (so they could see where they were gluing), a paintbrush, and a large plastic cup full of thousands of tissue paper squares. Once one child discovered how fun it was to blow into the cup of tissue paper, thus causing all the feather weight squares to fly up up up and then land all around, it was over. It looked like Times Square after the NYE ball drop. Sorry, Jude's teachers.  [inspiration]

I do enjoy how one student glued her paper doily to her cross. I'm 90% certain I was that kind of child in preschool, too. 


Jude reports that he had a nice time. I let him pick out my outfit and hair-do, and he dressed me like a 13 year old girl, so duh. I'll post a photo of that tomorrow. In the meantime, look at this handsome little gentleman:


How grown up does Jude look lately? Seems like only yesterday I was holding the washcloth of modesty over my bum.

If you know a teacher, give her a hug, okay? Teacher life ain't no joke!