Introducing: Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes

A little update on Mom Jeans and Dad Jokes, the new blog/ podcast Chris and I are working on together: Woot! Our introductory blog posts are now live, and we hope that our first three podcast episodes will be ready to listen to by this weekend. They've been submitted to iTunes!

Read: How we met | Why we blogcast | What is MJ&DJ? 

Here's a peek at what our first three episode themes are: 

Topics: Episode 01: Intro | Episode 02: Food | Episode 03: Fitness

Thank you so much for following our family to our new projects. Our hope is that Mom Jeans and Dad Jokes cannibalizes Indiana Elsewhere one day, but for now we'll be dabbling in both spaces (here less often). We'd love for that site to be a fully fleshed out mom / dad blog (where we'll do occasional outfit posts, too!) as well as the hub for our podcast. 

I never thought I'd live in the 'burbs or have a parenting blog, but really, I'm starting to like my new home, both here and on internet. Thanks for giving me the chance to change! 

UPDATE [21 June 2015]: We will no longer be creating new content here on Indiana / Elsewhere. After an incredible first week of writing at MJ&DJ, we will be blogging there Monday - Friday (with a Saturday links post) and new podcast episodes on Wednesdays. Please update your bookmarks and readers accordingly! And I'd love it if you could spread the word!