Friday Five: 1/27/17 | Recent Amazon purchases

I have no idea how I ever shopped before Amazon. Amazon Prime basically saved Christmas day for this family! 

Here are my five most recent Amazon purchases:

1. INSTANT POT // When I first started hearing rumblings of how awesome Instant Pots were I thought, "That's silly. I have a crock pot and a rice cooker, no need for a combined appliance." But then I read I could do wings in less than 30 minutes and a rack of ribs in 20 minutes, I had to have it. I use my slow cooker about twice a week, and I often forget to plug it in or turn it on. By the time I realize it, I have to cave and order a pizza. I thought an Instant Pot would be a better solution. An Instant Pot is an electronic pressure cooker that can also saute, be a slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, and a few other things. It's freaking frightening to use at first, but after your first couple of recipes, you'll get the hang of it. 

2. PALEO COOKING WITH YOUR INSTANT POT // Are you a cookbook person or an "I get recipes off the Internet person"? Although I love AllRecipes and we subscribe to eMeals, I do appreciate an informative cookbook when I'm getting into something new. I don't do a Paleo diet, but I eat a lot of protein and limit my sugar and carb intake (I do a modified Ketogenic diet), so Paleo resources are usually a good fit for me. I am loving this book so far, and plan to try their Texas chili recipe tonight. (Praying I don't cause an explosion). 


3. SPOTBOT // We got an Amazon gift card from Chris' dad for Christmas, and I really wanted to buy ourselves something exciting, but twice since Christmas, Noodles has had an accident in our formal dining room (otherwise known as my laundry folding room). We used to have a Green Machine for cleaning up these kind of messes, but ours broke right before we left Texas. I was going to replace it until I discovered The Spotbot. You can use the hose or just sit it on top of the mess, and I think it's the best thing for cleaning up yucky dog stuff from white rugs. (I have no idea what possessed me to buy a white rug... for a dining room... while we have three messy kids... and a dog... I really need to have better people in my life advising me on rug choices). I love this thing. Let the record show that in the last 12 months I have purchased a Roomba, Shark steam mopShark wand, and now this Spotbot. I have a thing for floor cleaners, apparently.  I can't stop, won't stop until I get my grubby hands on an iRobot Braava and a Dyson Eye. I may scrap this blog and just become a vacuum / mop review blog. Is that okay with y'all?

4. B.BANG 5 PACK OF SPORTS BRAS // Five sports bras for $36? Um, yes, please. Zip front sports bras are my jam because it's 1000x nicer to take a sweaty sports bra off via a front zip versus an overhead wrestling thing (I always feel like a bird stuck in a plastic six pack ring when I'm trying to wiggle off a sports bra overhead). These are a little low cut and you really have to pull them out front to zip it up easily, but they are very thick, very supportive, and hold up really well in the wash. I workout four days a week (dance class and HIIT) and haven't had any issues with the zippers at all. They come in bright, fun colors as well as white, black, and grey, which you can purchase individually or different multipacks. 

5. OSMO NUMBERS // Osmo gifted Jude with Osmo Coding and Caroline with Osmo Creative Set, and we've been such fans ever since. We purchased Osmo Numbers as a fun game that Jude can do during his "break" in our homeschool day. Sneaky mommy. Little does he know it's reinforcing his math facts and helping him get better and faster at addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Osmo Numbers is by far his favorite Osmo set.