New makeup. Who dis?

I don't often take selfies, but when I do... 

Wait a minute. That's not true at all. This is a personal blog. I take selfies all the day long. 


This selfie is made possible by my mom (good gracious, I look more and more like her every day), Sprouts, who sent me a big 'ole box of natural hair and body care products to try, and Mineral Fusion, makers of the bronzer, lip tint, and mascara I'm sporting. 

Snapseed 10.jpg

The bronzer ($33) is the perfect pick-me-up for my winter skin (I use the darker shade as a contour and the lighter shade as a powder). The mascara ($19) curls my straight Asian lashes up and away without smudging, and the lip tint ($10) is the perfect "I'm not wearing any makeup, but haha! I’m wearing make-up" shade.

Best yet is the fact that Sprouts is having a huge Vitamin Extravaganza sale from now until the 10th, so all vitamins and body care products are 25%. We shop there every Sunday, so maybe I'll run into you in the beauty and body care aisles. Let's bump carts and high five. 

Disclosure: Sprouts sponsored my latest Instagram post and products were provided for my honest review. This post is not sponsored.