To-Do: April '18

Three things I'd like to get done this month:

01 / Clean out everyone's closets. That means rotating winter wear out and pulling Goodwill donations... and actually taking them to Goodwill instead of tossing the bag on the unfinished side of the basement. 
02 / Perfect home made gummy bears.
03 / Officially launch Book Club Confessionals (it's late!). 

Good habit (working on this daily):

Take my vitamins every day. Listen, I know I'm an adult, but I recently switched my vitamins to gummies to help me with this goal. It seems to be working! 

Bad habit (thing I want to stop doing):

Drinking caffeine after 4 pm. Mainly so I can tell Chris that the reason why I can't sleep has nothing to do with my caffeine intake, but also because I should drink more water and less Diet Dr. Pepper. 

My favorite things from last month: