Spotlight on Brass: And also POCKETS FOREVER!

An outfit post from Indiana. . . 

I posted this over the weekend on Instagram, and I'll be straight up to let you know that I wore it twice, exactly the same way, in the last 48 hours. The dress made its debut on a double date Saturday night. I got it home and Shout-wiped a pasta splatter off it, hung it in the shower to refresh it, and wore this again tonight for a family dinner out. I almost wore it to church on Sunday morning, but changed my mind when I realized the couple we double dated with would see me in it and would maybe wonder if I slept in it and just rolled out of bed for church. Anyway! Y'all should know that this is one tough white dress: it can survive pasta stains received under the influence of a glorious Moscow Mule and it can survive a trip to an Asian buffet with three small children. 

CHRIS: That rule about white after Labor Day... 
INDIANA: That rule is not real. I plan on wearing this dress all fall. And some white jeans. 
CHRIS: You're going to have to actually launder that dress. It can't make it through our lives on the power of Shout wipes alone. 

He's probably right. Thankfully this little number is machine washable. 

By the way, I posed this question on IG, but please let me know where you stand. 

when a dress or skirt has pockets, that ups its cuteness factor by a whole bunch.

TRUE. I am a sucker for a dress with pockets, how about you?

I'm also a sucker for Brass. Have you heard of them yet? They reached out to me a while back since they know I really try my hardest to shop thoughtfully. I love to champion companies who align with some of my own guidelines for shopping, and when I find them, I like to shout it from the rooftop. Or blog. Shouting from the blog is less annoying to my neighbors. So here's me shouting: BRASS IS AWESOME! Brass is doing some good stuff (in addition to using Bridget as a model) so when I looked through their offerings, I was intrigued from the get-go. I love this tidbit about the factory they work with in China, and the fact that this small teams takes such care with production, makes me really, really happy. 

As does pockets on a dress. I have my eye on this Brass shirtdress next. *shouting* POCKETS FOREVER!


See how my friend Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass wore this very same dress today, too! 

date: 14 Sept 2015
occasion:  date night & family dinner
dress: c/o Brass | clutch: c/o My Biotiful Bag | bar necklace: Betsy Farmer Designs | key necklace: The Giving Keys | booties: TOMS | rx sunglasses: Bonlook