Elsewhere: What i Wish I'd known

A post by Indiana . . . 

You guys! You guys! I flipped my freak when one of my favorite bloggers asked me to share some wisdom on her blog while she spends some time settling into her new home and connecting with her newest addition. 

I'm wordy. If you read here regularly you know that, so head on over to Camp Patton where I share not one, not two, but THREE things I've learned since becoming a mom! Even better, you can glean some legit wisdom from some of my favorites like Blythe and Nell who are also part of the post, too. 

If you're new here thanks to the Camp, hi! I hope you like us and stick around. We do a podcast on Wednesdays and we try to blog here daily Monday through Saturday. I'm on Instagram, sharing our family antics a lot, too.