Episode 01 / So I married a muppet

Show Description:

 In our inaugural episode, we tell you a little bit about ourselves, both before and after kids. We deduce that your favorite Muppet says a lot about who you are, and we try to determine which Muppet our children are. Our four year old son asks us questions on-air as we scramble to come up with answers, and we give our show partner DogVacay some kudos.



Time We Spent Talking About the Muppets vs. Parenting and other things


  • It's our very first episode, yay!
  • We briefly introduce ourselves and tell you a little about our lives before we were parents and how having one kid differs from having more.
  • Here are the Muppet costumes I made for Jude and his best friend Mitchell. 
  • We discuss how excited Indiana is about the new Muppets tv show. Here's the preview.
  • Indiana theorizes that your favorite Muppet reveals a lot about who you are as a person. 
  • Here's a list of all the Muppets
  • There's  a Buzzfeed quiz to determine which Muppet you are (because of course there is), but Indiana insists the results are not correct. Proof: she keeps getting a Snowth when clearly she is most like Miss Piggy.  
  • Chris and Indiana try to figure out which Muppet each of their children are most like. 
  • Jude, age 4.5, asks to be a part of the show, so we invite him to ask us any three questions he wants, and we scramble to answer.
  • Turns out that Jude can do this for a future science fair project


  • Oh, yeah! We have a dog! This episode is sponsored by DogVacay.com, which we liken to "airbnb for pets". Since we always forget about Noodles when making family getaway trips, DogVacay has been our hero on more than one occasion. 
  • All new DogVacay users can use code NoodlesTheDog for $10 off their very first booking. Good for dogs and cats! 



"At a party, I'd be manimal." -Chris, on how he's like Animal



  1. We talk about how the words "Roadie" and "Blowout" no longer mean what they did to us, pre-children. Parents: are there any other words that have completely changed definition for you since becoming a mom or dad?
  2. Who is your favorite Muppet? How are you like them?
  3. What's the weirdest question a child has ever legitimately and earnestly asked you?



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