Episode 02 / Nice to meat you

Show description: 

For our second episode, we talk about one of our favorite things: food. We mainly talk about meat, but we talk about desserts and favorite restaurants, too. Caroline, our two year old, makes a cameo, and we end by marveling at competitive eaters. Special thanks to our sponsor Honest Tea!



Approximate breakdown of which foods we talk about



  • Indiana has always been a big tea drinker, and one of her favorite brands of cold tea beverages is Honest Tea. I mean, can you think of a better pairing than BBQ + sweet tea? Or a spring salad + a cool green tropical tea? 
  • Of note, Honest Tea has more than just their famous fair trade, organic tea offerings. Did you know that? Indiana has tried their entire product line (not a joke) and highly recommends their Pomegrante Blue Tea, Golden Ginger Ale Fizz, and loves getting Honest Kids juice pouches for her crew. Check out their entire line-up here


"Night night. I want steak." -Caroline, age 2.5



  1. Would you consider yourself a "foodie"? 
  2. What is the most you've ever eaten in one setting? 
  3. Do you have a sweet tooth or a meat tooth? 



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