Episode 08 / Mini Episode: Mini-MAN Jude

Show description:

While we are on vacation, we allow Jude to record a mini-episode, in which he pitches his idea for his own podcast. 

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This episode at a glance: 

if the mini-man podcast were real, this would be the content

Show notes: 

Quotes of the show: 

"You don't want to fish a shark because he'll pull your fishing pole and then you'll go straight into the water." -Jude on shark / fishing safety

Let's discuss: 

  • How young is too young for a podcast? An Instagram account? 
  • How adorable is the name mini-MAN for Jude's podcast?!

Action items: 

  • Connect with Indiana on Instagram
  • Keep that iTunes loving coming. We move up in the listing when we have more reviews, and it's how more people can find our show. Thank you!
  • We're on Stitcher and Overcast if you do your podcast listening via an app.