Introducing: #MomPrompts on Instagram

An announcement from Indiana . . . 

I love blogging. I've been doing it as a hobby since 1999 and over the years I've met hundreds of fellow bloggers at various conferences, including TxSC (rest in peace, my little blog conference!).

But for the last couple years I've noticed that Instagram seems to be where the party is at. I don't feel pressured to make it look perfect all the time, the short-form content makes it easy to read on the go, and the engagement is still there with "likes" and comments. In the seasons when my blog is quiet, I'm still active on Instagram (under @indianaadams), and sometimes when I want to write something thoughtful that isn't quite long enough to be an entire blog post, I do a micro blog in my Instagram captions. Although I'm not ready to quit blogging altogether in favor of being exclusively a 'gram rat, I do have loads of fun over there. Instagram, much like earliest blogging days, is rich for camaraderie. 

As always, I've been scheming. For a long time I've been trying to come up with an easy, fun, and community-centered project to do with my friend Jen Loves Kev, and I think we've finally got it: say hello to #MomPrompts

My Instagram feed is probably 25% junk food, 25% style, and 50% life with kids, but every once in a while I find myself Insta-stumped. Just the other day I stopped myself before I posted yet another photo of Lucy looking cute in her high chair! Not again!

So see? Some days, I need a prompt. There's all sorts of monthly Instagram challenges out there. Fat Mum Slim got this thing started with her Photo a Day Challenge, Jenny has one for Hand Lettering, and Courtney does one for artists.  But is there one that can help me to think creatively about photographing family life? Is there one that I can browse through that makes me smile and feel a kind of fellowship? Is there one with prizes? 

I think #MomPrompts could be that happening hashtag. Huge favor: It's always daunting to start something new. If you're a mom on Instagram, would you please help promote #MomPrompts by posting our January photo (above) and by participating? That would mean the world to us. 

What's in it for you, you ask? Well besides offering you ideas for your own feed and the possibility of finding new-to-you Instagram friends to follow (and perhaps get some new followers yourself), you could win something fantastic!  

We didn't want to do one of those dastardly and long loop giveaways, but we did want to give our participants a shot at something for joining in the fun. So each month, we'll pair up with someone rad for a giveaway. For our inaugural month, Betsy Farmer Designs will choose one random participant to win a something from her amazing shop, and Jen and I will choose a winner to also win something! Basically, the more days you do the #MomPrompts, the more chances of winning you have. No need to find the end of the loop. Just follow @BetsyFarmerDesigns, @JenLovesKev, and @IndianaAdams (that's me) to be eligible. Or just do the #MomPrompts without following any of us if you don't care to win a prize... but you may as well try to win a prize, right?! [note: photos must be public on Feb. 1 to be considered for the giveaway].

Quick note about Betsy: First- how awesome is she to pair up with us on a new project where we have no idea if it will be well received. Props to a brave lady willing to give it a go! Secondly: Betsy Farmer is the real deal, guys. I met her at TxSC last spring and I bought each of my staff and keynote speakers a bar necklace, customized with a guide word I prayed for for them. Betsy surprised me with a necklace of my own, with all three of my kiddos names on it, and I've worn it almost daily since March: 

I would love for you to win a piece of Betsy Farmer Designs jewelry of your own. Mine is so special to me. 


What are you waiting for? Get your #MomPrompts uploaded!