Episode 10 / For the love of Taylor Swift and Guns N' Roses

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As two opposite people, we of course have two opposite kinds of music we love. We discuss if Taylor Swift and Guns N' Roses (and more!) could be our common ground.

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This episode at a glance: 

Episode Percentage of Taylor Swift talk (always brought up by Indiana)

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Quote of the show:

"You own a lot second albums by one hit wonders." -Chris on Indiana's puzzling music buying habits. 


Let's discuss:

  • Which music artists do you have their entire catalog? 
  • Do you rip or download entire albums or just the songs you like?
  • Were you a member of the Colombia House Music Group? If so, what were some of your introductory CD's? 
  • What is the most "embarrassing" album you still own?
  • What is your definitive album?
  • How much do you love Taylor Swift's 1989?

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