Weekend Recap: June 20, 2015

What an incredible first week for Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes! Our podcast went live three days ago, and we've had over 700 downloads and nearly 2000 page views, and we've cracked the Kids & Family New and Notable section. Next goal: We've got seven weeks to make the general New & Notable section. If you've been one of the fine folks who have helped spread the word, thank you! 

On to the links!  

Links from Indiana:

  • I read The Pixar Theory two years ago and it blew my mind (book!). I love that the author has already included Inside Out in the master theory on his blog. 
  • Grace Patton just had Baby #5! I love this family, and I can't wait to see how the new little one starts showing the Camp Patton flair. 
  • We just ordered this couch and chair from Overstock sight unseen and I'm super nervous about it. It's the color, material, style, and size I want at a price I can afford but I've never plunked down that kind of money on something I have not seen in person prior. 
  • Emily Hallman, one of my favorite designers out of Austin, Texas is embarking on a new adventure and will cease making her gorgeous creations. As a farewell, she's doing 25% off her entire shop. I own this skirt and it's one of my favorite things in my closet. I'm eying this dress in blush. 
  • A couple months ago I discovered the #illustratedfaith tag on Instagram, and I just love what they do. My favorite is @BumbleandBristle. This makes me want a journaling Bible real bad.
  • Kapachino included MJ&DJ in her most recent list of favorite podcasts. Thank you!

Links from Chris:

MJ&DJ weekly wrap-up: 

Adams Family Updates:

  • Jude is still fighting symptoms and flare ups from serum sickness. It's been a rough couple of weeks for him. We hadn't heard of serum sickness before (a severe reaction to penicillin) and neither had most of our friends and family.
  • Caroline has known her letters and letter sounds for a long time (mainly thanks to this DVD that we bought when Jude was two), but now we have to get her writing. We still dig the Write My Name app and these sandpaper letters, but we're thinking she could benefit from something more formal like Handwriting Without Tears. Any advice? 
  • Lucy is learning to walk! Yay! That means she's going to have to start wearing shoes now. We are partial to Robeez for our new walkers. 
  • Chris worked in Seattle this week. Obviously Indiana sent him to the Moorea Seal store, but alas, they were closed by the time he got there. He did some window shopping on her behalf, though. Next time!
  • Indiana joined a Diet Bet and has six days to win her bet. It's going to be close!