Episode 11 / Never Say Never: Indiana on Homeschool

Show description: 

Indiana swore she'd never homeschool. Find out how she completely changed her mind and started our four year old in his first year of home education.

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At a Glance: 

Subjects Jude likes learning compared to subjects Indiana likes teaching [ 10 = LOVES, 1 = DREADS]

Show Notes: 

Quote of the Show:

CHRIS: I would go to my class reunion, if only to show off my trophy wife.
INDIANA: Who's that?


Let's Discuss: 

  • Parents: What are some of the things you said you'd never do, but now you find yourself doing?

  • What are some of your perceptions (good and bad) of homeschooling families?

  • If you're very curious about what materials (books, learning tools, etc) we use in our house, please let us know. If people are curious, we'll do a resources post! But if you're not interested, we don't want to bore you to death. 


Action Items: 

  • Our podcast is two months old now, and we are no longer on the New & Noteworthy list because we're no longer "new". We are thrilled to have been on the New & Noteworthy listing for seven of our eight weeks of eligibility, but now we face an uphill battle, getting the word out about our show. If you dig it, would you mind spreading the word? 
  • We'd love some feedback. Should we start including interviews? Introduce regular features? Stretch the show to a 45 minute format? 
  • Indiana is on Instagram and Twitter, but she's also back on Snapchat under Indiana.Adams. Let's get silly over there, too! 

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