St. Lucia recap!

INDIANA: We'd been meaning to do a wrap-up post of our vacation for a while!
CHRIS: Fun fact: episode 09 was originally going to be a St. Lucia vacation recap show. We recorded it the weekend we got back, but someone didn't like it. 
I: Have you ever been forced to look through someone's photo album from vacation, and the whole time you're sitting there, you just want them to stop yammering on about the vacation that they took that you don't really care about? 
C: Yes.
I: That's kind of how that episode felt to me. It was 30 minutes of us talking about the very specific things we did during our week away. 
C: I thought it was a good episode!
I: Meh. I decided that rather than eat up someone's half and hour telling them all our our vacation that we can just do a photo dump and give a quick summary in blog post form. I tell you what; if we get more than five comments and emails asking us to post the vacation episode, I will. Deal?
C: Deal. 

I: For me, vacation started the minute we got on the plane. I never get to sit and watch hours of movies and tv, and I love tv and movies. I caught two episodes of Silicon Valley and watched Mockingjay: Part 1 and (my all time favorite) Dazed and Confused.

C: As we've mentioned before Indiana and I vacation very differently from each other. My goal was to catch up on sleep and to just relax. Indiana wanted to do all the things. 

I: So on our first day, Chris totally front loaded the activities. We woke up early and rode a catamaran, took a private taxi and visited Diamond Botanical Garden, ate at a local restaurant, went to drive-in volcano at Sulfer Springs, hiked the Tet Paul Nature Trail to see the Pitons, swam in a volcano fed waterfall pool, snorkeled, and did a sunset dinner cruise. All in ONE DAY!  

C: For the remainder of our trip we decided to just hang out at the resort, rest, and play the rest of time by ear. 

I: We did end up going snorkeling one more time and we hiked Pigeon Island to see Fort Rodney at the National Park next door to the resort, so we didn't sit on our duffs the entire rest of the trip!

C: And we made friends with another couple (hello, Jenny and Greg!) who we met up with a couple nights and attempted to learn Snooker

I: Yes! And Jenny and I got a dance party started in the English pub, even! If the Wobble comes on, I have to stop what I'm doing immediately and dance! 

C: It was a great trip. We should do it again some time. 

I: I agree. How about next week? 

Special thanks to:

  • The Meredith Vieira Show for an incredible trip!
  • Our amazing families who made it possible for us to go by taking care of our munchkins.
  • Mr. Anderson (GM) and Mr. Bairos (Hotel Manager) of the Sandals Grande St. Lucian for gifting us with our entire photo package and surprising us with a departure gift, champaign, and a private, chaffered drive for our trip back to the airport. We loved staying at your resort and hope to return again one day!