Ten Products We Both Use

INDIANA: I'm trying to do a post about the ten products we both use every day.
CHRIS: Like Charmin? 
I: Ha! No... a beauty product post. 
C: I don't use beauty products.
I: [raising eyebrows and gesturing to his very full sink vanity of products]
C: Can't we call them health products?
I: [picking up hair paste] How is this a health product?
C: Fair. How about personal care products? 
I: Okay. Personal care. 

So without further ado, inspired by Nicole, here's our top ten personal care items that we share. We were surprised at how little overlap we have in the stuff we use: 

01 / Tweezerman slanted tweezers: Indiana had a pink pair for years that Chris would borrow again and again, so finally two years ago, Chris got his own pair in his Christmas stocking. These are the best! And we've never sharpened them and they are still going strong.

02 / Clinique bar soap: Chris used to video blog for Clinique and did so for an entire year, but previous to that Indiana hocked Clinique at a department store while in college. This soap was a staple for so long for the both of us after our work with them. 

03 / Aveeno lotion: Affordable, rich, and long lasting without being overly slick. We buy this in bulk at Costco. 

04 / Head & Shoulders Classic Clean: Another thing we buy at Costco, but at this point, we mainly use it for the nostalgic and familiar scent. We're both flake-free, but is that due to the shampoo? Maybe. Probably. We don't really know. 

05 / Cool Mint Listerine: Indiana puts this in her Waterpik and Chris rinses with this. We take our gum care pretty seriously. 

06 / Up & UP SPF 50 Spray: We spend a lot of weekends at the neighborhood pool. This is so easy to apply to ourselves and the kiddos. It doesn't bother sensitive skin and doesn't have a scent, so we're both into it. 

07 / Benzoyl Peroxide: How are we in our 30's and still getting pimples? It's a mystery, but a good 'old Benzoyl Peroxide cream helps keeps them at bay. 

08 / Original Old Spice deodorant: Surprised that Indiana uses this, too, huh? She's not the only female slathering on the Old Spice. 

09 / VERB Sculpting Clay: Chris and Jude use this daily to style their mini undercuts, whereas Indiana uses this to slick down the weird baby bangs that grew on her after Lucy was born. 

10 / Sonicare toothbrush: And when we travel, we only take one handle with our own two heads because we like to travel light, yo. 

We're super curious what products you share with your significant other now! Other than Charmin, because obviously