Featured: Indiana's birth stories on The Birth Hour

A post by Indiana . . . 

My inspiring friend Bryn has started a new podcast called The Birth Hour. First of all, I'm way excited that she created this podcast! I wouldn't call myself a birth story junkie, but I'm close, y'all, and The Birth Hour may just be what pushes me into junkie territory. Second, I got to share all three of my crazy births in episode three, and it's the first time that I've ever sat down and talked about all three of them! It was fun recalling all the crazy details and you know that talking into a microphone is one of my favorite things, so I was honored and ecstatic to share about the washcloth of modesty, an unintentional water birth, and a pregnancy that just snuck up on me. Oh, gee.  

Head on over to TBH to listen to me talk about the fruit of my womb. (Ha! And don't ever let me use that phrase again!).

CHRIS: Did you cross the line and do TMI?
INDIANA: Aren't all birth stories TMI?
CHRIS: Yes, but yours especially have an extra dose of too much information.
INDIANA: I talked about poop urges and boobs and--  
CHRIS: -- Then yes, you did WTMI.
INDIANA: What does the "w" stand for?
CHRIS: Way. Way too much information.
INDIANA: The "w" could stand for "woman". Or "what". Or "womb". 

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