Weekend Recap: July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July! Happy birthday, America! We hope you're enjoying this patriotic weekend, getting in some good family time and grilled meats. We're making ribs! What are y'all having? 

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MJ&DJ Weekly Wrap-Up:

Adams Family Updates:

  • Caroline is crazy scared of thunder these days, so we have a little bit of trepidation at taking her to a fireworks show tonight. We've been prepping her with Youtube videos of fireworks, so we're hoping that she'll enjoy the fireworks so much that she'll be okay with the BOOMS! Any tips for helping her to get over her thunder fear? 
  • This week in home improvement news: (1) we have purchased a swing bed for our screened porch, made by the sweetest retired couple here in Atlanta. We cannot wait to hang it! We're now in the market for a twin sized mattress for it (maybe Casper?) as this will be a much coveted nap spot. (2) We bought a gallon of Hale Navy paint by Benjamin Moore to re-do our teal dining room, so after the kids are in bed tonight, that's what we'll be doing. (3) Sadly the couch set we blogged about last week has to be sent back thanks to a manufacturing defect. We're not considering a set from Cococohome. We are kicking ourselves for not just ordering from them in the first place.